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Learning Disabled Woman Brutally attacked on MTS Bus Predicted Attack 9 days before in a Email

November 28, 2011

Now before you read this Blog I am goin to explain how the prediction was made

When a Person become a Victimized target of gangStalking the expedition is utilyzed towdrs a target everysingle day EVERYDAY along all of their routes and places they go to including when their stationary at these places Libraries Universitys Apartments Home’s hotels Homeless Shelters campsites ETC…and as a result of them also in the Midst of these expeditions they eventually discover what GangStalking is-Now thru the entire duration of experiencing their tactics and methods and who aid’s and abeed’s the actual harrassment and Cover Up’s targets like this woman stated catagorizing their needs their tactics and Methods their Limitations their Fears how they operate and how they attamt to commit direct crime’s towards the Targets and how teh perpetrators have to escpae so out side scrutiney can never later be observed-Because Plausible Deniability is their escape route coupled with their Connection’s in the System-so-but it is possible to catch them -and this woman developed a way to do so -and the following is how-over the years thru all of the Experience of what has happened to her then as a Result of Learning about GangStalking online-that education the Research was then cross referenced to the Experience then she investigated indepthley the experiences of other targets-she then catogorized what they do how they do it how they get away who they depend on-and all of the technology capabilities-she then looked at their Limitations and fear’s-and itemized how to make their Methods and tactics tranparent-how by exciting their fears/while at the same time harrnessing their ability to make money off of the effects of their harrasssemnt and torture-the Excitement of their fears coupled with their needs not being met(their Fears were stroked by Blogging about it exposing them to Civic Organizations Exposing names and events online-and reaching out for help anonymousley while hideing the true identity of the target within the anonymous Contacts(which then she could later tell teh public that the anonymous contacts provided enough information in regards to who the victim was and who the Perpetrators were/are(Which in turn menas that numerous state offices and Police agencies were informed-and as a result of teh victimization continuing if it ever gopt out then these departmentes and offices whould have to answer)  which makes the perpetrators nervous because then oputside parties are possibly srutinizing the situation)all of this makes them act out more directley-and as a Result trasnsparency eventaully becaomes obvious-now in a effort to look at what options they have to expedite direct behaviors in attempts of breaking her down thye still need a escape route and this direct behaviors(Assualts)cannot happen at Universities lilbraries or stores because they could be sued which only leaves her walking/public transportation routes or Bike Routes-now she knew Bike routes are hard unless they want to attempt a Hit and Run but they dont make any future money off of hit and runs-because target could end up dead-and walking routes are harder because target has wide open space to run and atract attention thru a Sport’s Horn that Blasts a siren noise or a good Whistle-so Public Transpotation was the only real way that they could trap her and get away-why because the Bus Drivers were already Harrassing her and Aiding in abedding in the at least allowing the harrassment on the Bus and Tolleys and at Bus Stop’s and Trolley stations-  So she made a email and desribed the Liklihood of wheir they may attempt a assualt based on these catagories of act of crime implmentation/and avalibility of escape-that email is copied and pasted in this blog in a attached Link-it was made on September 29 2011-

and on October 10th 2011 it came true-on a Bus Public Trasportation-MTS-

Now what is the Likeli- hood of something along these lines being predictied and then it come true especially within 10 days and at a Location that it was predictied that it whould likley happen if this crime wasnt already goin on towards her-and the Person she ws assualted by had already harrassed her on previous Bus routes-which hse took very discrte Videos of him on the Previous days of harrassments on this route-she has also predicted 8 other incidents right before the perpetraors ever arrived on the scence all caught on digital audio file

Learning Disabled Woman Brutally attacked on MTS Bus Predicted Attack 9 days before in a Email

November 27, 2011

Learning Disabled Woman predicted Assualt in Email– 10- 1/2 days before it happend–
Click on this Attached Link-


to observe the Email in the Link that provides you with clear Proof that the prediction concerning her being assaulted was emailed to her own Email account before the Assault-

Review the Email that is dated 9/29/2011-Observe how a Assualt was Predicted on Public Transpotation 9-1/2 Days before it did-then look at the Additional items in the same emnclosed PDF File which prove a assault took place-.

Fellow Americans the Individuals who engage in GangStalking and the Ones who assist in the Expeditions including University’s-Student and Staff- Business and Transit Employee’s-(transit Employee’s mentioned in this You Tube Video- -do not care one bit about what they do to people they are literally responsible LITERALLY for Torture Murder Rape Human Trafficking including the Targets children-As a Brutal and as Unconscionible as the Penn State Sexual Abuse scandal was/is.

The GangStalking Expeditions and the eventaul physical  transpiring result that  motivated the expedition Human Traffciking-which is a Endless cycle of Rape Torture Bruatal Physical assualts and the Explotation of the Mind and Body DIRECTLEY fits in the same scope of Crimminanality as the Penn State Sexual Abuse-and I want to emphasis to you I have literally witnessed before my eyes over 200 times it happing to just one woman on 4 University Campuses and one Community College Campus-Which include campus Saftey Directley Participating in the Deliberate expeditions mentioed in the Enclosed You Tube-So when Penn State Officials say they are shcoked concerning what happened on their Campus Understand this VERY Clearley University Staff do DIRECTLEY DIRECTLEY engage in GangStalking expeditions with one motive in mind which illustrates direct Malice of Forethought Intent-to deliberetley Traumatize targets and to keep them Traumatized with one motive in Mind the TOTAL Deliberte Motivation to Break a Targets will to fight the Ultimate transpiring result Human Traffciking -GangStalking expeditions are desighned to totally nillify and Villyfy people in EVERY area of their Lives their Shelter their Car Their Credit their Finances-their health their saftey

They literally literally do to a Target what is done to Dan Ackroid in the Movie Trading  places and understand whats done to him in that movie is literally nothing to what they do to targets of GangStalking-

Observe this Aricle this is Exactley the motivation behind why their also after this Woman-This woman is Targetd for 4 Reason’s Human Traffciking the Eventaul Syndacted Power of attorney they hope to Obtain in order to Legally take over her Finances the Biliking of her Insurance once they havbe ahold of her themn the Entrainment of Prostitution once they have ahold of her in a Isolated Enviroment-All protected by the Power to bee’s in our Community-The Police San Diego Police the Fire Department EMS Private Ems Services-Doctors Judges Prosecutors-social Services workers and County Mental Health-see once they obtain Legal Custody they stage assualts with witnesses inside the Syndacted Home-they then blame the disabled person for the Incident they then use this Blame(Excuse)as a Reason to petition them to the Hospital-its all planned and scheduled to happen on specific days that syndacetd individuals are working at the Hospital and EMS-then once they arrive at the Hospital their Medicare is Bilked Deliberatley out of Thousands and Thouasands and Thousands of Dollars each and everytime they petition these people their also delibertaley put of Psycho Tropic Medications that intentioanlly cause the Side effects of Cognitive Impairmnents and Confusuion and anxiety and their delibertaley falsley Diagnsoe these victims with false menatl diagnoses to intentionally make the Bilking of teh medicare appear legal-and to discredit the Target in case the Target ever escapes and gets help-their then released back in the hands of the perpetrator’s-and the same thing happnens within 30 calender days-they also assualt these woman until they give sex to people they bring in the House or along their path-at scheduled activities their forced to attend-and the monthly disability check is automatically taken over as well thru the Power of Attorney instrumanet granted by a Syndacted Judge-Review the Pennsylvania Judge who took kickbacks for sentencing one time misdeamanor offenders Children to detention centers that were privatley owned he was sentenced to 28 years-same syndacite-review this Blog it is a Manifesto of a GanGStalker and it clearleuy shows Who they are How they Operate What their capable of and who their Connected to–

And after Reading it review these Web pages about what these syndactites Literally do and what their breking her life down and Breaking her down for now-and understand teh Poeple who did this in Philadelphia had the Identifications (licenses and Birth certificate’s of 50 other people on Disability–Just like this learning Disabled Woman is on-

Thank You

And PS Just to Let Everyone Know This was a Staged Assualt and MTS their Remark in the Enclosed Email that is in the enclosed link its their Legal way of saying it was a Accident-It had been blogged about many times before this Assualt that GangStalking was happining in their MTS Services Buses and Trolleys and that Even MTS employee’s were harrassing her as well-Review this You Tube it even mention’s Transit Employee’s take Part in GangStalking-

And Also Observe

What is Out of Place on these Videos the Perpetrator and the Victim are on the Wrong side of the Bus in reference to the Actual Side they were really on, on the Day of the Assault-and to also see how- they rotated the back section of the BUS- look at the enviroment of the Bus- The Back Doors are on the Wrong side of the Bus and the Mirror and the rail the Mirror is on- is on the Wrong side of the Bus as well- and the Mirror is backwards in refereence to how its normally facing-their are other obvious things you can see that shows they sent her a altered video -the background noise in these videos is the background Noise from the University of San Diego Library-wheir a video was taken of this section of the Altered video MTS Sent her-Also they keep deleting these Blogs out of her account-University of San Diego-Library


Go to Google Type in l;earning Disabled Woman Bruatlly attacked on MTS Bus-10/10/2011



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